Armed to the Gears Cracked Game Full [ RePack ]

Armed to the Gears Cracked Game Full [ RePack ]


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Armed to the Gears Cracked PC Free Download Repack Full Version with crack key from Armed to the Gears consolidates real-time strategy and territory control into a top-down shooter with mechs, cyborgs and complete devastation.

In a dystopian future where a totalitarian system, under the banner of the Ministry, commands the entire world and subjugates billions, an underground opposition battles for opportunity.

Features for Armed to the Gears Cracked:

  • You are respected their most talented architect, who’s ready to hack into the Ministry’s Infantry Class robots and control their weapons, turning these war machines against their producers.
  • Catch each Reactor by arriving at closeness.
  • Secure the reactor’s edge to maintain a strategic distance from foe takeover.
  • Smother the adversary’s essence in the region.
  • Armed to the Gears as of now is a full-included activity strategy game:
  • Two game modes: Campaign (catch and shield key focuses) and Base Defense (Tower-resistance style).

Play the tutorial and eight crusade zones with expanding trouble and unpredictability. Investigate the Training fields, Lower Downtown, Desert Base and Ammo Factory, City Center and that’s just the beginning. Explore your war robot around the maps to devastate foes and catch reactors.

Six guarded maps where the mission is to shield the focal point of the guide from approaching influxes of foes from different paths.

Caught reactors and generators will concede Energy focuses, used to transport turrets, call air support into the war zone and fix your robot, empowering a brief insurance for a base or hostile weapons to crush the foe’s fortification.

Armed to the Gears Cracked Game Full [ RePack ]

Customize your mech with various guards, fairings and hues, stream engines, essential weapons and auxiliary launchers.

12 arrangement choices – 6 turret types, assault rambles, landmines, blockades, fix station, mass shelling and neutrium ballistic rocket. Redesign turrets, factories, refineries and generators to amplify the guarded limit of your bases.

Different weapon types, including automatic weapons, lasers, plasma and electron guns, explosives and rocket launchers.

Download action-strategy game

Destruction the foe’s army of cyborgs and freaks, war rambles, automated infantry units and perilous goliath mechs.

Credits gathered in fight can later be utilized to fix structures or in the fundamental base’s Workshop to purchase parts, ammunition and fuel for your robot.

15 Achievements, got when a strategic finished.

Leaderboards to contend comprehensively or with companions for the most noteworthy adversary balance tally.

Download [Mega] – Armed to the Gears Game Full RePack

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Armed to the Gears Cracked Game Full [ RePack ]

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