Hardspace Shipbreaker Cracked PC [ RePack ]

Hardspace Shipbreaker Cracked PC [ RePack ]


Hardspace Shipbreaker Cracked PC Free Download Repack Full Version with crack key from Pfcc.info. Hardspace Shipbreaker is an sci-fi space simulation game.

I will highly recommend this game to anyone who likes Space Engineers, Empyrion, etc, as this is all about the inner workings and hazards of space ships… only taken from the other point of view- disassembly.

Features for Hardspace Shipbreaker Cracked:

  • Truly innovative, first person, zero-g Shipbreaking gameplay
  • Next generation Physics and Destruction simulations
  • Immersive audio system and features

Game modes


  • Act 1: “Let’s get to work!”
  • 15h+ of content
  • (3) Difficulty levels to play in
  • Climb your way up the LYNX Corporation ranks
  • Earn and Upgrade Powerful tools and Equipment
  • Collect Audio Logs and Datapads to learn more about the Hardspace universe
  • Handcrafted Art and Visuals

Free Mode

  • Break ships without time limits
  • Learn the ropes without consequences
Hardspace Shipbreaker Cracked PC [ RePack ]

There is some confusion about the base mechanics, however- dont sweat the 15 minute shift timer- you in no way have to get it all done in one shift, and can take as many days as you want to tear it down (does not carry over after logout). Similarly, dont sweat the days counter either- thats just how many shifts it will still be available to begin, not how many shifts you have to meet work order goals.

Download simulation space game

This early access is not the end all of the full game in development, merely “act 1”, so more will be added to the game as it develops.

I also like the reversed score mechanic. Its not $$ you earn, its a massive debt you have to “pay off”. While this seems kinda annoying, it really changes how you view kiosk purchases, and lost time- its all different now, as whats an extra $16k purchase mean, when you are still $993,999,999 in debt? Long term goals isnt to make more money to buy things, but rather, to LOWER your debt score. Its interesting.

Download [Mega] – Hardspace.Shipbreaker .rar


Hardspace Shipbreaker Cracked PC [ RePack ]

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