Those Who Remain Cracked Download [RePack]

Those Who Remain Cracked Download [RePack]


Those Who Remain Cracked PC Free Download Repack Full Version with crack key from Those Who Remain is a adventure horror game.

As someone who saw this game advertised on imgur a few years ago, i was really interested by the concept of a “jumpscare free” horror game, not because i hate jump scares, but because i prefer psycological horror.

Features for Those Who Remain Cracked:

  • I did stream this game and got several viewers who said they enjoyed watching the play through…. heres some things i have to say:
  • The game is buggy, there were several times an item would glitch into another item and fly across the room i was in or something.
  • The game is lacking in the graphic quality department, i dont personally have an issue with this, but i know some people do so im pointing it out in my review.
  • Every now and then you have to look for something in a game and it seems impossible to find. so a little context here.

This horror game i streamed over a session of 3 streams. at the end of night one and night two i stopped playing the game because i could not find items the game wanted me to find… night one was because of a bug and night two is because it was a tiny item in a massive area.

you will most likely die, not because youre bad at the game, but because the monsters will catch you out, there are several spots in this game where you get cornered and just have to accept your fate.

Also an adventure game..

Some of the things in the game seem to exist just because they look cool, not because they make any logical sense in the story, for example… the hall of arms in the images for the store pages exists for only a few minutes in the game and doesnt really do anything except be creepy, like its cool… but it was a big build up for not much going on at that point in the game.

this game did a very good job of giving me chills from time to time, the room you are in will change or something and you wont expect it to and it works well.

Those Who Remain Cracked Download [RePack]

the ending feels rushed, not bad…. it just happens very quick and left me with a “welp, thats it i guess” kind of feeling.

(small spoiler that wont ruin your gameplay) the choices you make in the game affect how the game ends, i may be more pleased with the ending if i replay the game and make other choices, however the choices seem.

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Poorly thought out and arent explained very well… the effects they cause arent explained in any way, youre just given a choice. kinda imagine if little sisters in Bioshock were never explained to you… what happens when you decide what happens to them, it makes a greater overall impact on the game than people realize.

I did very much enjoy this game, i just think it could use a little more work… im glad it got released though instead of never launching at all. there are so many indie games that just dont make it to market, so im glad i got to experience this and i look forward to more games like this from the developer. i think they had a great idea and i would like to see more like it.


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Those Who Remain Cracked Download [RePack]

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